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Center for Data Science for Enterprise and Society

Call for Proposals for Microsoft Azure Credits

Application Deadline:  January 15, 2021 at 5 p.m.

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Thanks to a gift from Microsoft Corporation, Cornell’s Center for Data Science for Enterprise and Society is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Azure cloud computing grants. The grants can support computational and data intensive research across a variety of domain areas; we aim to particularly support areas that align with initial priorities of the Center, which focuses on questions grounded in data that are generated by human activity, including computational social science (e.g., sociology and government), public health (especially issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic), the economics/computer science interface, aspects of digital agriculture in the production and management of agriculture, digital platforms supporting urban infrastructure (e.g., the sharing economy), and as a theme that is cross-cutting in many of these areas, the corresponding issues of privacy, security, and fairness. We invite proposals based on a diversity of intellectual approaches and personal backgrounds.

A total of $150,000 Azure cloud computing credits is available.  Awards can range from $5K – $25K each.  They will be awarded in two rounds starting with this call for proposals and another round of awards in the spring. Each grant takes the form of credits for the use of Azure cloud computing resources. Credits must be used by the end of the academic year (June 30, 2021). An extension may be possible, but proposals should be prepared to be completed by June 30; credits unused at the end of the award period will be reassigned to other projects.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

All Cornell faculty are invited to apply; applications from post-doctoral fellows paired with their faculty mentor are particularly encouraged. A faculty member can participate on at most one proposal. Submission deadline: Friday, January 15, 5 p.m.

Proposals should be concise, up to two pages in length. Clearly specify the research objectives, outline the need for additional computing resources and how the credits will be used, taking into account that they would be available only for spring semester period. Exploratory proposals that enable the investigator to seek further external sponsored research are particularly encouraged.

Each project proposal can request from $5K – $25K worth of credits.  The credits can be used for any Azure service .  We will award up to $150K worth of credits in total.

Please include your budget for requested credits with your proposal. Budgets must be estimated using the Azure credit calculator .

The award decisions (see more details below) will be based on both the scientific merit and suitability for cloud computing. All teams will be expected to submit a 1-page progress report at the midpoint, and a brief closeout report at the end of the award duration.

For questions concerning your proposal, please contact

Application for Microsoft Azure Credits